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Canary Speech Featured in Speech Technology Magazine

Speech Technology Magazine did a feature on Canary Speech and what we are doing in the area of voice recognition within the healthcare industry.

One of the companies helping detect disease through voice is Canary Speech. It has several patents on mathematical models able to analyze speech using some of the more than 2,500 biomarkers that exist in the sub-language elements of human speech—“sub-language” meaning they are independent of specific words. Any recorded speech can be analyzed—even past recordings of people. And this can be done using a recording of only 300 words.

Speech analysis could enhance a clinician’s ability to listen to her patients, says Canary Speech CEO Henry O’Connell, adding that “by selecting, through guided machine learning, the proper biomarkers to create the optimum model,” such analysis can augment the natural senses of the clinician. Canary Speech has done the heavy lifting of analyzing thousands of recordings, matched with health data, to identify those biomarkers. Canary’s software can help lend credence to a hunch a clinician has about a client or draw the clinician’s attention to something they didn’t even notice, such as an unusually depressed mood that isn’t readily apparent to even the trained eye but is picked up by software that is able to detect minute changes in vocal qualities. The software is not making a diagnosis, per se, but simply providing more data to the clinician.

Read the full article here.

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