Canary Speech



we trained a computer to listen for disease.

Patented Engine

We have developed the Canary Speech Engine specifically designed to work on the classification of medical conditions and cognitive diseases with applied patent protection, both in the U.S. and internationally, for the novel and unique technology developed,

Trained models

We are aggressively working to accelerate development of the following models: Cognitive Health, Parkinson's, Depression, Alzheimer's, Concussion, PTSD, Honesty, First Call Resolution, Tiredness, Sentiment Analysis, and Stress.


We are working with the FDA and business partners to establish FDA approval for disease models for use in diagnosis, longitudinal studies and drug approval process.


We have begun deploying our technology internationally and establishing a multi-language medical / disease and human condition platform for marketing and sale in multiple languages. This expansion is a targeted approach to these select countries: Brazil, Japan, Korea and Germany.

Strategic partners

Several strategic relationships with highly respected organizations have been solidified to accelerate FDA approval of this technology for drug discovery, clinical diagnostic use, medical screening and concussion assessment. The strategic partnerships span the market verticals of healthcare, pharmaceutical, health and wellness, including concussion.