Canary Speech


More information, please

When you ask for directions and someone gives you an address, what does that entail? 

You: Hey, I'm headed over. What's the address?
Friend: 4504 S. 
You: I only got part of that.
Friend: That's all I have. 

Now, depending if you're using Apple Maps or Google Maps you could attempt to put in that address and hope for a full address to appear. 

What happens when a medical professional begins to diagnose conditions such as Alzheimer's and concussions. Let's take, for instance, concussions. Typically, your doctor would "evaluate your signs and symptoms, review your medical history, and conduct a neurological examination." 1

The neurological examination would include checking your:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Strength and sensation
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Reflexes 

Just like getting an address there are parts that create the whole picture and sends a medical professional in the right direction for a diagnosis. The Canary Concussion app provides data and information to better help professionals diagnose and treat the athlete. 

The Canary Concussion app was recently featured on and on the evening news for being able to give real results, in real time. 

Speaking to the fact that we need more information, at the time of injury, Austin Collie was quoted saying, "This is a step that needs to be taken in youth sports, and the more information you have the better. I wish I would have had more information.”

Getting to a destination takes information and takes tools. Why not have all the information you can get?