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Austin Collie: Not deterred by concussions

Concussion has been a hot topic on all levels. From the NFL to youth sports, there has been a rising awareness about concussions. 

What are the affects? How can we use data to protect youth? What does a sport’s career look like without documentation of concussion occurrences? 

All of these questions, and more, are critical as concussions continue to occur on the field and on the court. 

One person who feels passionately about concussion is Austin Collie - former wide receiver for the Colts.

His career ended early after three concussions. 

Collie was recently featured on for working with Canary Speech. He says, “Having this information in the hands of high schoolers and their coaches will be huge. They need to be knowledgeable on the subject.” 

Even though Collie reached the highest level of play in football, he feels strongly that concussion data and protocols must start early. His NFL career may have ended short, but Collie is wanting to make a difference so young players can be aware of their concussion health. 

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