imagine A world

Where human conditions are detected
earlier, more accurately, leading to better
outcomes and better quality of life.



it began as a conversation.

Two lifelong friends reconnected. One, a global leader in speech and language technology, the other, a biochemist turned seasoned CEO. They asked themselves: What if we could use the human voice as a tool to detect human illness, sooner? Three years later, Canary Speech now touts FDA approval, has an expert team of voice scientists and industry advisors and has successfully secured key patents.



intellect with no ego.

Canary Speech has built an expert team with speech and language, AI and machine learning scientists and leaders with experience in technology startups in both domestic and international markets. Our professional team has been involved in leading the development of the Amazon Echo, Dragon Naturally Speaking (Nuance), Lap (speech to text for smart phones), and has extensive experience in securing
IP | Patents.